Why a Crossword Generator?

I used to solve crossword puzzles for fun when I was on my off shift from life guarding. I was never the best at them but I enjoyed them none the less. When I got into computer programming I thought that it would be a nice challenge to see if I could build my own crossword generator just for fun. I had no real reason to create such a peice of software, just some curiosity, a ton of ambition and a love for crossword puzzles!

Making the Crossword Software

I worked off and on my crossword generator project for months, perfecting it's functionality and streamlining the codebase. In the end I ended up creating a crossword generating code library that I am proud of. It's quite flexible and can easily be used to create word searches as well. Maybe I'll add that feature some day to my fellow puzzle lover's out there.

About Me

I'm John. I like making things. I went to school for art and was trained as a painter but I really just like figuring things out and making cool stuff. I thrive on creating artwork and writing little software applications like this one. I actually run a website called HelloArtsy.com in which I provide free drawing & painting lessons to people from all over the world.

Help Me Out

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