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If you have made a puzzle in the past you can retrieve it here. Simply enter the 8 character code located on the bottom of your puzzle.


Crossword Puzzle Directions

Start by creating a Microsoft Excel file containing all the words you would like to use in your crossword puzzle and their corresponding questions for use as the puzzle's key. Your excel spreadsheet should contain your answers in column 1 (column "A" in excel) as single words with no spaces and your questions in column 2 (column "B" in excel). Save it as either a .csv (recommended) or an .xls file, upload the spreadsheet file into the form below and the crossword generator will work hard at creating the best looking puzzle around! The results are randomized so the results can be quite different each time, even with the same word list!

Each crossword generated is saved so if you ever need another copy of your puzzle, (great for teachers and students) you can always retrieve the same puzzle again by entering the 8-character code located on the bottom of each crossword puzzle!

Spreadsheet rules:

  • Must save as file type: .csv .xls
  • Must be no larger than 1Mb(that's a huge list!)
  • Questions will be cut short at 175 characters including spaces
  • Answers(words in puzzle) should only have alphabetic characters and no spaces
  • Column A: single word answer | Column B: Question


  • Don't forget to include some shorter words (3-5 chars) It will make the puzzle more compact
  • Puzzles are randomized...multiple attempts will yield different results
  • Puzzle titles should be no more than 60 characters

Update: There's been much stress on this puzzle maker lately. For the best results, keep your puzzle under 30 answers long and keep your clues / questions less than 10 words long.

Why Do I Need The Crossword Generator?

Crossword Generator for Teachers

This crossword generator is a super easy and convienient tool for teachers to generate supplemental materials to help their students make the most of their time in class. It's a fun way to use content vocabulary in the classroom. Students are bored enough with regular classroom activities...let them solve a custom crossword puzzle!

Crossword Generator for Free

I created this puzzle maker just out of curiosity and have no intensions of charging for it. Enjoy generating as many crossword puzzles as you'd like and they will be free as always! Don't forget you can always recreate your free crossword puzzle by using the 8 character code located at the bottom of each puzzle.

Crossword Generator for iPad

This online crossword generator is designed to fit a variety of screens, even an ipad. Enjoy creating custom crosswords from any device that has the ability to upload a CSV file.

Printable Crossword Puzzles

When generating a crossword your custom puzzle will be displayed as a printable PDF document. This is the perfect way to save and print your own crosssword so that it looks precisely the same in print as it does on screen!